The King's Fund house style: G

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general election
lower case

geographical regions
Be aware that your readers may not be in the same place as you, so to avoid parochialism, refer to the United Kingdom or England/Scotland/Wales/Northern Ireland/Eire rather than this country. Similarly, ensure the text isn’t biased towards England, the United Kingdom, Europe, rich countries, etc. Replace words such as overseas or abroad with terms such as outside the United Kingdom, and replace foreign with non-UK.

  • When excluding Northern Ireland, refer to Britain (not Great Britain).
  • Write the United States when used as a noun and US when used adjectivally, eg, He lives in the United States but he doesn’t have a US accent. Don’t use America or USA. Use North America only when referring to the geographical rather than political region, ie including Canada.
  • Use the United Kingdom when referring to it as a noun and UK when using it adjectivally. See United States (above).
  • Use lower case for north, south, etc, unless they are part of a formal geographical location, eg, north London but West Sussex.
  • Hyphenate compound cardinals, eg, north-west London.
  • Use upper case when referring to the West (as in the developed world). Refer to developing countries rather than the Third World.
  • Use Eire or the Irish Republic, not Ireland.

lower case

plural, not GP's

GPs with a special interest
acronym should be GPwSI not GPSI


  • include labels for the x and y axes
  • years should be styled as follows: 2005–6, 2010–11, etc, for calendar years or 2005/6; 2010/11, etc, for financial years.

Green Paper

Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital
note apostrophe after the 's' on Thomas', which is an exception to normal style