Sustainable health and social care

Research and development workshop
The King's Fund

About this workshop

About this workshop

Our workshop brought together people from across the research community to explore how more sustainable, effective and affordable models of health and social care could be delivered. It was the third in a series of workshops organised by The King’s Fund and the Sustainable Development Unit.

The workshop series followed our 2012 report Sustainable health and social care: Connecting environmental and financial performance

It focused on three areas previously identified as priorities:

  • The need to conduct research which demonstrates ‘win wins’ in terms of health, the environment and financial costs
  • The need to develop better metrics and methodologies to underpin research in this area 
  • The need to promote interdisciplinary approaches to research and implementation, often involving collaboration between two or more research funding agencies

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Session one

Welcome and introduction
Chris Naylor, Fellow, Health Policy, The King’s Fund

  • Sustainable development strategy: emerging messages
    Dr David Pencheon, Director, Sustainable Development Unit
  • Sustainable social care
    Catherine Max, Consultant, Catherine Max Consulting
  • Achieving health and sustainability outcomes in the health sector
    Chris Large, Partner, Global Action Plan
  • Bringing cost into the Carbon Model for dentistry - a Scottish perspective
    Dr Adam Pollard, Research Fellow, European Centre for the Environment and Human Health, University of Exeter Medical School, and Brett Duane, Specialty Registrar in Dental Public Health, Dental Public Health

Session two

  • Opportunities for collaborative funding: how can research funders identify areas where joint funding will yield more useful results?
    Neil Chadborn, Research Fellow, University of Nottingham
  • What are the remaining barriers to implementation?
    Dr David Pencheon, Director, Sustainable Development Unit
  • Next steps: the plans of the Living with Environmental Change (LWEC) Health theme and how we hope to feed the results of the workshop into the LWEC strategy
    Prof Andrew Watkinson, Director, Living With Environmental Change