The role of integrated care

NHS and public service reform event series
The King's Fund

Event highlights

Our final NHS and public service reform breakfast event offered a timely opportunity to discuss the role of integrated care and how can it address the challenges facing the NHS.

Presentations from the breakfast event

Following the launch of the NHS Future Forum report, Professor Steve Field, Chair, NHS Future Forum, looks at the role of integrated care in the NHS.

Chris Ham, Chief Executive, The King's Fund, puts forward the core arguments for integrated care and outlines the Fund's contribution to the NHS Future Forum listening exercise.

How does integration work in practice? Dr Sarah Wollaston, GP and memebe rof the Health Select Committee, outlines how successful Torbay have been in creating an integrated care system to improve care for people in the area.

About the NHS and public service reform series

Against the backdrop of radical reform of the NHS, reform in education, welfare and criminal justice under way, and a public service reform White Paper due imminently, these events offer a timely opportunity to discuss the coalition government’s approach to public service reform and its implications for health care and the NHS.

The Prime Minister recently pledged to put integration 'at the heart of' the government's reforms to the NHS. What are the implications of this for patients, professionals and for the public purse? Are there lessons to draw on from the NHS and other public services to encourage integration of services?

This event was the last in our three-part series of breakfast events on the NHS and public sector reform.