The NHS in an age of austerity

How tight is the squeeze?
The King's Fund

Event highlights

The combination of the unprecedented squeeze on public spending and rising demand for services leaves the NHS facing the most significant financial challenge in its history. The first of our autumn series of breakfast events offered a timely opportunity to discuss the macro-economic outlook, its implications for public services and what this means for the NHS.

Presentations and talks from this event

Paul Johnson, Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies, gives an overview of how public spending is distributed and where health fits within the total spending picture.

John Appleby, Chief Economist at The King's Fund, looks at how health spending in the UK compares with other countries and what the prospects are for spending on health care beyond 2015.

Mike Farrar, Chief Executive, NHS Confederation, looks at how the NHS can meet the 'Nicholson Challenge' to deliver £20 billion in productivity improvements.