Leadership in the NHS: a business perspective

The King's Fund

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In the first in our series of lectures being held following the launch of the Commission on Leadership and Management in the NHS, Sir Richard Sykes, former Chairman of NHS London, looks at the leadership challenges facing the NHS from a business perspective.

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About the Leadership in the NHS lecture series

The King's Fund has established a Commission to report on the future of leadership and management in the NHS. The remit of the Commission is to:

  • take a view on the current state of management and leadership in the NHS
  • establish the nature of management and leadership needed to meet the quality and financial challenges now facing the health care system
  • recommend what needs to be done to strengthen and develop management and leadership in the NHS.

The Commissioners considered a range of evidence, including an analysis of trends in management and the role of clinical and managerial leaders in improving performance.

These lectures helped to stimulate debate around the issues that were examined by the Commission.