Integrated care: realising the vision

Practical actions to improve outcomes
The King's Fund

Event highlights

'...the vision for the new system is perhaps the most comprehensive vision for the NHS that we have ever had. It goes beyond the traditional boundaries of the NHS to create a truly integrated health and care system. Integrated working and integrated services are a key characteristic of the new system. Partnership working across organisational boundaries will be critical at every level of the new system and now is the time to start thinking and working differently'

David Nicholson,NHS Chief Executive, December 2010.

This major conference brought together experts from the United States and England to consider the practicalities of integrated care.

Speakers explored how commissioners and providers, together with partners in local government and other sectors, can take David Nicholson's agenda forward in the context of funding pressures, rising patient and public expectations, and fundamental restructuring of the NHS.

Presentations and talks from this conference

Sharon Levine, Associate Executive Medical Director of the Permanente Medical Group, outlines how the Kaiser Permanente integrated care system operates and describes the role of multispeciality medical practice in promoting integration.

Dr Steve Laitner, GP and Associate Medical Director of NHS East of England, discusses integrated care innovations in the UK with a focus on pathway hubs. 

Jay Crosson, Senior Adviser for The Permanente Medical Group, shares his experience of the post-health care reform environment in the U.S.  and looks at incentives to support integration between primary and secondary care.

Paul Zollinger-Read, Medical Adviser and Clinical Lead for Primary Care at the Fund, looks at how we can create a truly integrated health and social care system in a reformed UK.