Improving health through accounting for spillover effects

Who needs to do what?
The King's Fund

Event highlights

At a time of shrinking budgets and major organisational change, this seminar explored how the health system measures and achieves value for money from interventions, with a focus on accounting for spillover costs.

Speakers discussed:

  • how spillover effects can be appropriately recognised, valued and accounted for in decision-making
  • which technical tools should developed by economists and others to support decision-making
  • what the role of innovative financing methods, such as social impact bonds, might be.

The seminar was supported by Pfizer, through The King's Fund Corporate Partnership programme.

Presentations and talks from this seminar

Mike Kelly, Director of the Centre of Public Health Excellence at NICE, explains how NICE assess the cost-effectiveness of public health interventions.

Claudia Wood, Deputy Director of Demos, explores the different models for measuring social value.

Richard Todd, Director of Social Finance, looks at how good financial and contractual structures can help increase the flow of funds to improve the quality of care.