English health reform

What can we learn from Europe?
The King's Fund

Event highlights

This seminar brought together academics and health professionals from across the UK and Europe to:

  • launch the European Observatory of Health Systems and Policies' Health Systems in Transition (HiT) profile for England, with presentation from lead author, Sean Boyle
  • invite comment from European Observatory partners on what overseas experiences in health care reform can tell us about the current set of English health care reforms

Presentations from the event

Professor Ciaran O'Neill, School of Business and Economics, NUI Galway, gives his perspective on the proposed NHS refoms and outlines the health care system in Northern Ireland.

Jan-Kees Helderman, assistant professor in Comparative Governance and Public Policy at Radbouyd University Nijmegan, outlines how the Dutch health care system operates and reflects on the English health reforms.

Sean Boyle, Senior Research Fellow at LSE, discusses what the English health reforms mean for the NHS and outlines the key findings from the European Observatory of Health Systems and Policies' health profile for England.

About the European Health Observatory

The King's Fund has signed up to work with the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies (the Observatory) to take on the role as national lead institute (NLI) for the UK.

The Health Systems in Transition (HiT) profiles are country based reports that provide a detailed description of a health system and of policy initiatives in progress or under development. The Fund will host the English health system profile, written by Sean Boyle, and will be responsible for regularly updating this profile to reflect significant changes to the system.