A new future for social care?

Good practice approaches to meeting care and support needs
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The future of health and social care funding in England

Panel discussion with Rt Hon Norman Lamb MP, Liz Kendall MP, Kate Barker, Yvonne Braun and Dr Dan Poulter MP.

Key findings from the ADASS budget survey report 2016

Buurtzorg - could it work in England?

Brendan Martin and Jos de Blok

The sustainability of social care services: interim findings

Richard Humphries and Ruth Thorlby

Progress in delivering an integrated health and social care system in a diverse landscape

David Pearson

Enabling the best care for older people living with frailty

Stephen Fitzpatrick

Building a shared culture to enable independence

Dennis Bacon

How to commission for outcomes and evaluating the impact

Alan Long

James Cawley

Measuring care needs: a proactive approach for older people in supported housing

Shirley Hall

Shared Lives and family carers: what does Shared Lives offer and what are the benefits?

Alex Fox

Enhancing front door arrangements

Sheila Watson and Ruth Battey

Demonstrating how Shared Lives supports people with mental health problems

Jane Allen

Strengthening networks of support and advice in the community

Eddie Clarke


Event overview

Social care continue to work within a financially challenging environment, face unprecedented levels of scrutiny and work with an agenda that promotes choices and personalised care.

This conference offered a key opportunity for social care leaders, policy-makers, commissioners, and providers to explore how the sector can respond positively to the challenges now and in the future.

Event topics

The sustainability of social care services

We're currently undertaking a joint research project with the Nuffield Trust exploring the pressures facing care services and their implications.

We showcased the findings at the event and shared evidence on the relationship between changes in spending, how this feeds through to the quality and quantity of services, and the impact on the health and wellbeing of people who use them.

Debating the future of social care funding

We debated the funding model and policy levers needed to secure a sustainable future for social care with members of parliament and leading social care figures.

Innovative practices and strategies

Breakout sessions featured innovative services that are delivering excellent outcomes for individuals – and cost savings for commissioners too.

Overcoming the challenges facing the sector

In addition to funding, we looked at how to overcome the regulation, quality and workforce challenges that face the sector.

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