Moving care closer to home: slogan or solution?

Time to Think Differently
The King's Fund

About this event

Moving care out of hospitals and closer to people’s homes has been an ambition of policy-makers for many years. Yet, progress has been slow and evidence about how to do it is patchy.

As part of our Time to Think Differently programme, this breakfast event explored how to move services closer to home and ensure that hospitals are fit for the future.

Highlights from this event

James Reilly

James Reilly

James Reilly
James Reilly, Chief Executive of Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust, looks at how primary and community services need to change to deliver care closer to home.

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Mark Newbold

Mark Newbold

Mark Newbold
What is the future of the district general hospital? Dr Mark Newbold draws on his experience as Chief Executive of Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust to discuss.

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Nigel Edwards


Nigel Edwards, Senior Fellow at The King’s Fund, discusses the issues around redesigning services and looks at whether this reconfiguration leads to a more convenient and cost-effective services for patients.

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