Improving the experience of older people leaving hospital

Reducing delays, preventing readmission, improving quality
The King's Fund
Event type: 
One-day workshop

About this workshop


Acute hospital activity has grown to record highs as bed capacity has shrunk. The United Kingdom has among the fewest hospital beds of OECD nations and hospitals run very ‘hot’ and close to capacity. Most admissions, bed days and delayed transfers of care involve older people. Older people and their families report distress at poorly planned and supported discharge and at avoidable prolonged hospitalisation.

Improving, supporting and speeding transition from hospital to home for older people, involving them more in their own discharge, can be a win–win situation – for them and for health and care systems. This practical workshop is aimed at those wanting to explore best practice in getting this right.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is for clinicians and managers leading the delivery of acute hospital services for frail older people, as well as those in community health services, social care and the voluntary sector, who work closely with acute hospitals. It will also be of interest to commissioners.

To encourage multidisciplinary teams from the same organisation or local system to attend, we are offering four places for the price of three.

What will you do on this workshop?

This one-day workshop focuses on putting what we know works into practice and the group is limited to 35 to ensure good-quality, interactive discussions. The workshop includes contributions from experts and, most importantly, the space to develop your own thinking in collaboration with peers.

In addition to a session from David Oliver on ‘what good care looks like’ based on the paper, Making our health and care systems fit for an ageing population, you will have the opportunity to hear from a number of other speakers, including:

  • Jane Youde, consultant geriatrician, and Dan Boden, A&E consultant, Derby Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (discussing the Derby experience on improving discharge planning, patient flow and reducing bed occupancy)
  • David McCullough, Chief Executive, Royal Voluntary Service (discussing RVS home-from-hospital work)
  • Neil Tester, Director of Policy and Communications, Healthwatch England (author of a recent report on the experience of older people leaving hospital)

Alongside these inputs, you will have space to share ideas with each other about how what you’ve learnt works on the ground, develop your vision for improving the discharge from hospital experience and a set of principles to guide actions and do your own action planning.

Workshop series

This workshop is part of a series on improving the experience for and care of older people. The second workshop will focus on intermediate care for older people.

These workshops will give you:

  • exposure to new ideas on the processes, structures and relationships that will support you to improve the care of and experience of care for older people
  • space to adapt learning to your own situation and to focus on the next steps
  • the opportunity to develop relationships with a network of peer learners.

Each workshop stands alone so you can choose to attend one workshop or both. Those attending both workshops will have the opportunity to test out new thinking in practice or ideas and bring their learning back into discussion with peers and David Oliver. We are offering the second workshop at a 10 per cent discount for those who attend both workshops.