Any willing provider

NHS and public service reform event series
The King's Fund

Event highlights

Our second NHS and public service reform event focused on how diversity of supply can benefit the NHS and patients, the potential risks associated with it and how policy can be successfully implemented.

Presentations from this breakfast event

Deborah Evans, Chief Executive, NHS Bristol, gives her take on the benefits and risks of diversifying the NHS provider base, using examples from NHS Bristol.

Jill Watts, Chief Executive, Ramsey Health Care UK, outlines the work of Ramsay Health Care UK and discusses the benefits of opening up the NHS to a greater diversity of providers.

Victor Adebowale, Chief Executive of Turning Point, talks about the not-for-profit provision of health and social care and the risks associated with competition.

About the NHS and public service reform series

Against the backdrop of radical reform of the NHS, reform in education, welfare and criminal justice under way, and a public service reform White Paper due imminently, these events offer a timely opportunity to discuss the coalition government's approach to public service reform and its implications for health care and the NHS.

In February 2011, the Prime Minister wrote in an article in the Daily Telegraph that the key principle behind the government's approach to 'open' public services is diversity of supply, with public, private and voluntary providers competing to deliver services. In health, this is expressed through the 'any willing provider' policy which would see independent providers competing on a level playing field to provide NHS services.

This event was the second in our three-part series of breakfast events on the NHS and public sector reform.