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1st January 2015 | Comments: 11
The NHS faces three major challenges in 2015: preparing for the spending review, achieving much closer integration of health and social care, and ensuring that the NHS has the leadership in place to deliver the highest possible standards of care within available resources.
11th December 2014
As the dust settles on the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, this is a good time to review what it told us. I think it contained three big messages: one on money, one on reform, and one on social care.
5th November 2014 | Comments: 1
The government expects councils and NHS partners to achieve way too much, with too little, too soon, says Richard Humphries.
16th September 2014 | Comments: 3
The deafening silence on future funding amounts to a failure of the political process at a time when the NHS is heading rapidly towards a deep and damaging crisis.
4th September 2014 | Comments: 8
The growing problems in the NHS and social care cannot be solved by the Better Care Fund or any of the other short-term solutions on offer. Nothing less than a fundamental reform of the funding of health and social care services and citizens’ entitlements to publicly funded support is required to address these problems.
28th August 2014 | Comments: 13
I agreed with much of what Simon Stevens said at the Age UK For Later Life conference until he stated that he would be ‘disappointed’ if care homes still existed within the next 50 years. I didn’t get the chance to challenge him but I want to do it now.
8th July 2014 | Comments: 2
Although earlier rumours of the demise of the Better Care Fund – the government’s £3.8 billion pooled fund to promote integrated care – have turned out to be greatly exaggerated, the significance of the government’s latest announcement about the fund should not be.
24th April 2014 | Comments: 4
Dominic Stenning is a member of the experts by experience group for the Commission on the Future of Health and Social Care in England. He spoke at the launch of the interim report, giving a frank and compelling patient perspective on the health, mental health and social care system.
9th April 2014 | Comments: 1
The post-war settlement that created the current divide between health and social care must be replaced. If we duck the hard choices laid out by the Barker commission, then services will progressively deteriorate with patients, users and carers the real losers.
5th March 2014 | Comments: 2
Although all the political parties agree about the importance of integrated care as an end, willing the means to achieve it is another matter, says Richard Humphries.
13th January 2014 | Comments: 3
In her new data blog, Yang Tian draws on previously unpublished results from the most recent British Social Attitudes survey to see what the public think about who should pay for social care services.
31st October 2013 | Comments: 4
Expectations for the Integrated Transformation Fund are high, but will it actually help to deliver integrated care when the system is so under pressure?
14th August 2013 | Comments: 6
To secure the opportunities of the ‘gift of longer life’ we have to think differently about how we organise and fund our health and care services for an ageing population.
18th June 2013 | Comments: 10
Chris Ham introduces our Commission on the future of health and social care in England, explaining that the divison between the NHS and social care established in 1948 is no longer fit for purpose.
21st May 2013 | Comments: 1
The new Care Bill is a breakthrough for social care funding, as for the first time, there will be a limit on how much people have to pay for their care. But there are still dangers in the proposed system.
11th February 2013 | Comments: 8
What does today's announcement from Jeremy Hunt mean for social care funding? Richard Humphries considers the key points in his new blog.
25th January 2013 | Comments: 2
Andy Burnham’s speech to launch Labour’s health and care policy review was strong on principles but left many questions unanswered.
3rd January 2013 | Comments: 4
It will be increasingly impossible to duck the big questions about what kind of health and care system we are willing to fund, how this can be achieved and where the money comes from.
17th October 2012
What conclusions can we draw from this year’s party conferences about the political and policy landscape for health and social care?
3rd October 2012 | Comments: 9
Chris Ham draws on discussions from our recent integrated care conference to identify four key building blocks of a whole-system solution.