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2 October 2014
Grand promises have been made about the benefits of recording a deluge of personal data, but what needs to happen for these promises to be realised?
14 June 2013 | Comments: 2
In his latest blog post, David Oliver argues that new NHS initiatives should be tested for a longer period of time in order to deliver better outcomes across the board.
26 July 2012 | Comments: 11
Nick Goodwin looks at the barriers that are preventing the successful adoption of telehealth.
13 March 2012 | Comments: 5
What did we learn during our second International Congress on Telehealth and Telecare?
7 December 2011 | Comments: 8
Nick Goodwin asks if new government strategies and positive results from the Whole Systems Demonstrator trials will encourage new investment into telehealth.
3 November 2011 | Comments: 2
As we await the results of the WSDAN project, Nick Goodwin considers what else is needed to support new technologies in telehealth and telecare.
15 March 2011 | Comments: 4
Is the Department of Health's large-scale evaluation necessary to support the need for telehealth and telecare?
2 February 2011 | Comments: 8
At a time when the health service is under pressure to improve quality with fewer resources, new technologies are being carefully scrutinised.