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12th December 2014
To deliver high-quality, compassionate care one, often overlooked, part of the equation is how to identify, recruit and retain the current and future senior leaders needed to take on this leadership challenge.
10th December 2014 | Comments: 1
Encouraging leaders to take on new responsibilities will be challenging at a time when financial pain is driving many organisations to focus inwards rather than outwards, says Chris Naylor.
26th November 2014
In organisations like hospitals, many of the answers are found among staff rather than in the executive offices and boardrooms, says Chris Ham.
13th November 2014 | Comments: 7
While many policy-makers focus on organisational structures, it is clear that successful implementation of the NHS five year forward view will hinge on getting the staffing right.
5th November 2014 | Comments: 3
What impact can feeling silenced and disempowered have on staff and the way they treat their patients?
27th October 2014 | Comments: 6
Something very important happened on Thursday and it wasn't the publication of the NHS five year forward view. Far more important was the passion and confidence with which Simon Stevens launched the plan and challenged politicians to provide the funding needed to deliver it.
26th September 2014
In terms of collectively redesigning services to improve patient care, is the most caring form of leadership to allow staff the space to explore and err, as long as certain safeguards are in place?
16th September 2014 | Comments: 3
The deafening silence on future funding amounts to a failure of the political process at a time when the NHS is heading rapidly towards a deep and damaging crisis.
11th September 2014 | Comments: 2
Parallels between the successful transformation of the Veterans Health Administration in the United States and the changes needed in the NHS in England have been made for a number of years. But recent troubles at the VA offer some important lessons for the NHS in the future.
31st July 2014 | Comments: 12
Leaders across health and care agree that much more needs to be done to address the low representation of women in senior medical leadership roles.
15th July 2014 | Comments: 5
In his new blog, Chris Ham discusses the recommendations of his review of staff engagement in the NHS. The review found compelling evidence that NHS organisations with high levels of staff engagement – where staff are strongly committed to their work and involved in decision-making – deliver better quality care.
10th July 2014 | Comments: 11
There has been a call for the most expensive assets in health care – the doctors – to step up and engage in management and leadership. We use the right words when writing about medical engagement but how do we move from rhetoric to reality and more importantly why should doctors embrace this responsibility?
9th July 2014 | Comments: 5
Relationships and people, not skills and authority derived from powers of office, are what’s important, says Mandip Kaur as she reflects on the responses we received during our Twitter debates on some of the challenges facing emerging clinical leaders.
1st July 2014
New organisational models for the NHS could bring benefits but it's the quality of leadership alongside a culture of excellence in performance and accountability for results that will be key, says Candace Imison.
19th June 2014 | Comments: 3
Are the days of the heroic pace-setting leadership of the NHS really behind us? Sarah Goodson reflects on discussions at this year's NHS Confederation conference.
18th June 2014 | Comments: 3
Unless NHS leaders are prepared to change, reform from within will remain a distant dream, says Chris Ham.
11th June 2014 | Comments: 6
What more is possible when leadership is shared with patients and service users? This was the question we posed at a roundtable event last month.
21st May 2014 | Comments: 3
Collective leadership – planned, designed, developed and delivered – is the key to creating NHS cultures that deliver high-quality, compassionate and improved care for patients and communities, says Michael West.
19th May 2014 | Comments: 3
Leadership in NHS organisations needs to be collective and distributed rather than located in a few individuals found at the top of these organisations. Involving doctors, nurses and other clinicians in leadership roles is essential, says Chris Ham.
14th May 2014 | Comments: 1
Mandip Kaur reflects on Roger Kline's report on discrimination in NHS governance and leadership in London, and her own experience, to call for more action on difference and inclusion in the NHS.