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17th April 2014
Ayesha Janjua welcomes the CQC's commitment to make understanding culture an important part of its regulatory framework, particularly as culture and leadership are so important to deliver high-quality compassionate care for patients.
1st April 2014 | Comments: 2
Simon Stevens takes up his post as Chief Executive of NHS England today, with an inbox that will be full to overflowing. But what are the three issues that demand his immediate attention?
25th March 2014
Diverse teams of health care professionals who have shared collective leadership are absolutely crucial to the leadership of today’s health service says Donna Willis.
14th March 2014 | Comments: 10
Vijaya Nath reflects on our latest report on medical revalidation, and considers the effect on doctors going through the process.
27th February 2014 | Comments: 1
Jeremy Hunt has asked Sir David Dalton to advise him how to make it easy for NHS 'super-heads' to take over struggling organisations. But will hospital chains work? Candace Imison looks at experience from the UK and abroad.
20th February 2014 | Comments: 9
Following the appointment of Stuart Rose to advise on leadership in the NHS, Chris Ham reflects on whether the NHS can learn any lessons from the way Marks and Spencer operates.
29th January 2014 | Comments: 8
Mindfulness – the awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment – is a hot topic at the moment. But what is all the excitement about? And what does the practice have to offer health and social care?
2nd January 2014 | Comments: 7
Looking back, there has been welcome progress during 2013 but, for those of us who have advocated integrated care for some time, it is premature to declare victory, says Chris Ham.
19th December 2013 | Comments: 25
We must change our language and behaviour about the capability of medical leadership, says Vijaya Nath.
5th December 2013 | Comments: 4
Belinda Weir reflects on our women in leadership conference, which explored how to create cultures that redress the continuing scarcity of women leaders across the health care sector.
7th November 2013 | Comments: 2
Our conversations with governors suggest they are still not fulfilling their potential as the voice of local populations on hospital boards. Not through a lack of will, but rather through a lack of clarity and support, says Becky Seale.
15th October 2013 | Comments: 6
Vijaya Nath looks at what responsible officers – those who make recommendations to the General Medical Council about doctors’ fitness to practice – think about the process of revalidation.
1st October 2013 | Comments: 7
The culture that patients are treated in is the one that we all work in, and if we are to learn from Francis and truly improve the NHS, it starts with us, says Donna Willis.
17th September 2013 | Comments: 3
Chris Ham draws on his experience of Australian and American health care systems to highlight the importance of good medical leadership if we are to ensure the survival of a high-quality health care system.
10th September 2013 | Comments: 6
Published in the BMJ Quality and Safety today, a research project has examined how quality and safety is prioritised across the NHS in England. Michael West discusses the highlights of this work on the culture of care.
27th August 2013 | Comments: 1
This week is ‘Be Kind to Humankind’ week. Of course we shouldn’t need a week to exhort us to be kind, but there is much evidence for the benefits of kind and compassionate health care, says Belinda Weir.
13th August 2013
Do health care leaders and stand up comedians have more in common than meets the eye? They both share the ability to connect, the courage to stand up and the commitment to deliver, says Belinda Weir.
2nd August 2013 | Comments: 5
The Keogh Review was hard-hitting about the need for change and supportive for those who will need to drive it. This is a delicate balance, and board leadership must be treated with care if the NHS is to achieve the openness that Keogh calls for.
24th July 2013 | Comments: 5
Will the most successful leaders in the new NHS environment be those who are most able to compete or those most able to co-operate?
18th July 2013 | Comments: 3
Judy Taylor blogs about the results of a survey run by the Health Service Journal and The King’s Fund, which has elicited some interesting insights into women’s leadership styles and the barriers that prevent women achieving their full potential.