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18 November 2015 | Comments: 1

The health care system in Victoria, Australia, delivers good results compared with other states, but there are still areas where improvements could be made.

13 March 2015 | Comments: 6
One of the priorities of our medical leadership work is to support those attracted to medical leadership and management. One way of encouraging medical leaders is to give them the same professional status that the medical profession gives to education, training and clinical practice.
5 February 2015 | Comments: 3
Is it appropriate for regulators to be responsible for providing functions under the umbrella of 'supervision', including clinical support, development, and mentorship?
10 December 2014 | Comments: 1
Encouraging leaders to take on new responsibilities will be challenging at a time when financial pain is driving many organisations to focus inwards rather than outwards, says Chris Naylor.
11 September 2014 | Comments: 3
Parallels between the successful transformation of the Veterans Health Administration in the United States and the changes needed in the NHS in England have been made for a number of years. But recent troubles at the VA offer some important lessons for the NHS in the future.
31 July 2014 | Comments: 1
Over the past few years we have seen several high-profile failures of care in NHS acute hospitals in England, leading many in the system to question the ability of performance management and regulatory mechanisms to identify and act on poor performance.
1 July 2014
New organisational models for the NHS could bring benefits but it's the quality of leadership alongside a culture of excellence in performance and accountability for results that will be key, says Candace Imison.
17 April 2014 | Comments: 5
Ayesha Janjua welcomes the CQC's commitment to make understanding culture an important part of its regulatory framework, particularly as culture and leadership are so important to deliver high-quality compassionate care for patients.
10 April 2014
We don’t need more organisations with the label ‘foundation trust’, we need financial and clinical sustainability in the provider sector, says Candace Imison.
14 March 2014 | Comments: 10
Vijaya Nath reflects on our latest report on medical revalidation, and considers the effect on doctors going through the process.
27 February 2014 | Comments: 1
Jeremy Hunt has asked Sir David Dalton to advise him how to make it easy for NHS 'super-heads' to take over struggling organisations. But will hospital chains work? Candace Imison looks at experience from the UK and abroad.
6 February 2014 | Comments: 4
Although the Care Quality Commission has an important role, the first line of defence against poor quality care must be frontline staff, says Catherine Foot.
28 October 2013 | Comments: 1
Amid the furore of the Competition Commission’s decision to refuse the merger of Bournemouth and Poole, some significant changes to the current failure regime have been approved in amendments to the Care Bill.
9 August 2013 | Comments: 2
Can you change culture from Whitehall? Catherine Foot sets out six opportunities for the DH and NHS England to help them prioritise quality of care and safety for patients.
2 May 2013 | Comments: 1
Candace Imison explores what we can learn from early experiments in using a failure regime in the NHS.
6 February 2013 | Comments: 17
Anna Dixon gives her reaction to the recommendations set out in the long-awaited Francis Inquiry report into the failings at Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust.
27 September 2012
Anna Dixon looks at the difficulties in setting objectives for the NHS and at how the NHS Commissioning Board can be effectively held accountable for £80 billion of public money.
12 July 2012 | Comments: 5
Following Nicholas Timmins's book on the story of NHS reform, Anna Dixon looks at the events that led to the Act reaching the statute book.
5 April 2012 | Comments: 13
A Public Accounts Committee report has highlighted the challenges the CQC has faced since it was set up. But are we expecting too much from a quality regulator?
27 February 2012
While opposition to the Bill has got louder, there has been relatively little debate about the new powers for Monitor and what they will mean in practice.