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14 April 2010 | Comments: 2
The final piece of the NHS election jigsaw is now in place with the Liberal Democrats' manifesto, which contains a mixture of health reform proposals.
13 April 2010
If there's a sense of déjà vu about the health section of the Conservative manifesto, it's because it pretty much mirrors the draft version published in January.
12 April 2010 | Comments: 3
Ruth Thorlby explores what the Labour manifesto has to say about health care.
7 April 2010 | Comments: 1
The election campaign has kicked off, and with many voters still undecided, there is everything to play for. We look at Labour's plans for health reform.
9 December 2009 | Comments: 1
The quality of NHS service does not have to be a casualty of the financial crisis - it could be an opportunity to focus on clinical improvement and effectiveness.
19 August 2009 | Comments: 3
Ruth Thorlby considers the differences between the English and the American health system, as the NHS is used in the political debate over health reform in the US.