Blog posts by Mark Jennings

1 October 2010 | Comments: 1
Reflecting on the journey back from Australia to England, Mark Jennings concludes that there are great similarities between these two health systems on opposite sides of the world.
22 July 2010 | Comments: 2
The coalition government is promising real-terms growth for the NHS, but in practice this will be very small. So how should the NHS respond to this new world?
24 June 2010
Much of the conversation at the NHS Confederation annual conference has been about productivity. How will the NHS cope with increasing demand?
4 May 2010
Last week's GSK IMPACT awards showcased the very best in third sector provision of health and social care services. (Blog, Mark Jennings, 4 May 2010)
30 April 2010 | Comments: 7
This week's Institute for Fiscal Studies' report drew attention to the political manifestos, but contained less information about how they would balance public finances.
16 December 2009
David Nicholson's Operating Framework for 2010/11 will look familiar to the NHS, with many of its messages reinforcing the Next Stage Review.
27 November 2009 | Comments: 2
Listen to Mark Jennings' presentation, where he argued that care can only be judged to be high quality if it is also delivered efficiently.
25 November 2009
Does the NHS have the skills to continue the drive to improve quality despite the impending budget cuts? Mark Jennings reports from our 2009 annual conference.
1 September 2009 | Comments: 8
Much of the health care improvement over the past decade has been characterised by high levels of investment - how will the NHS cope with the new financial challenge?