Blog posts by Nigel Edwards

13 February 2014 | Comments: 5
With an ongoing ambition to shift care out of hospitals and closer to people’s homes, what is needed to transform community services?
24 April 2013 | Comments: 28
With the urgent and emergency care system under severe pressure, Nigel Edwards looks at how the problems around increasing demand could be addressed.
28 March 2013 | Comments: 1
Nigel Edwards shares his thoughts on the government's response to the Francis Inquiry report.
18 January 2013
Nigel Edwards concludes our look at the relocation of care, considering whether shifting care closer to home is always the best solution.
19 June 2012 | Comments: 18
Lean is a methodology developed by Toyota which aims to improve flow while minimising waste. But why is it so difficult to apply to health care?
3 April 2012 | Comments: 5
One of the benefits of the UK’s primary care based system is that it keeps patients away from unnecessary admission to hospital – however it may not be succeeding.