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18 February 2015 | Comments: 13
‘Implementing the Forward View’ is often synonymous with ‘establishing multispecialty community providers and primary and acute care systems’. But this risks leaving behind the more radical chapter of the Forward View – chapter two, on engaging patients and communities.
10 February 2015 | Comments: 3

The National Quality Board have recently published a new report, Improving experiences of care. Importantly, it provides eight statements that form a jointly agreed definition of what a good experience of care should look like.

20 November 2014 | Comments: 2
The case for change is clear; a system that listens to patients and enables them to achieve what they want to achieve in their health and wellbeing would improve outcomes and save money. But such systems still exist only in pockets around the country.
7 March 2014 | Comments: 3
Catherine Foot shares her experience of volunteering at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital – her pledge for this year's NHS Change Day.
6 February 2014 | Comments: 4
Although the Care Quality Commission has an important role, the first line of defence against poor quality care must be frontline staff, says Catherine Foot.
22 November 2013 | Comments: 2
Whichever way you look at it, responding to Francis and the associated reports was going to be a challenging balancing act for the government.
9 August 2013 | Comments: 2
Can you change culture from Whitehall? Catherine Foot sets out six opportunities for the DH and NHS England to help them prioritise quality of care and safety for patients.
17 July 2013 | Comments: 1
As the NHS now enters its 66th year, how far have we got towards Darzi's vision of clinical and organisational leaders collecting data on quality and using it to continuously improve care?
20 June 2013 | Comments: 14
Ninety-two doctors have been in the news recently over their decision to opt out of the government's plan to publish outcomes data for named consultants. But is publishing outcomes like this the right thing to do?
15 March 2012
Nearly two years ago the government consulted on its aim to achieve an ‘Information Revolution’. So what should the new strategy say if it is to start a revolution?
2 February 2012
The variability in the quality of neurological services is clear. Catherine Foot asks if national strategies solve the problem.
19 August 2011 | Comments: 2
Early indications show that while waiting times are still historically low, they are beginning to increase under the coalition government.
23 June 2011 | Comments: 8
With announced revisions of the NHS reforms, hospital doctors are being given an opportunity to become involved in clinical commissioning.
28 January 2011
Andrew Lansley has invoked our relatively poor cancer outcomes as part of his justification for health reform. But just how bad are we at treating cancer?
6 January 2011
Catherine Foot asks if the new quality accounts will help the public and patients have a clearer view of the quality of care provided locally.
17 September 2010 | Comments: 3
As we debate the proposed NHS structures we must think about what kind of care we want these structures to help deliver. And what role can the voluntary sector play?
6 July 2010
Quality accounts are intended to achieve two things - to increase boards' focus on quality, and to provide greater public accountability for quality.
21 June 2010 | Comments: 2
The Secretary of State's revisions to the 2010/11 NHS Operating Framework have been published today and, as expected, the government is scaling back access targets.
12 February 2010 | Comments: 1
The government says that UK cancer survival rates are amongst the worst in Europe and proof of the need for change. What do the comparative statistics tell us?