Blog: 2010

20th December 2010 | Comments: 5
An important issue in understanding trends in waiting times is seasonal variations. John Appleby looks at hospital waiting times in his data blog.
14th December 2010 | Comments: 3
Stephen Moss, Chair of Mid Staffordshire, spoke at our conference this week about the lessons he had learnt from the 'story of a hospital that lost its way'.
8th December 2010 | Comments: 5
Our health and the Big Society event provoked an interesting debate on balancing the reality of the financial situation with the vision in the health White Paper.
7th December 2010
When the Spending Review was announced, the NHS budget got off lightly in comparison to other departments. But will inflation eat in to or even reverse this increase?
3rd December 2010 | Comments: 4
The health White Paper sets out a significant set of reforms for the NHS. We plan to follow the evolution and implementation of these changes and assess their impact.
2nd December 2010 | Comments: 2
Do clinicians have a responsibility to the health of the population as well as to individuals? Anna Dixon argues that GPs need to focus on public health issues.
26th November 2010 | Comments: 12
Anna Dixon considers the key questions to ask as the coalition government publishes its public health White Paper.
22nd November 2010
Liz Thiebe discusses the Seattle Study Tour and notes the lessons we should be learning about commissioning and management in the UK.
9th November 2010 | Comments: 4
A trip to Australia, where he was able to compare our two health systems, reminds Chris Ham of the strengths of general practice in the English NHS.
4th November 2010 | Comments: 3
A report out today discusses the issues in using mortality to measure the quality of hospital care. But is this a good measure of quality of care?
3rd November 2010 | Comments: 3
Today The King's Fund published a survey of GPs that asked what they would prioritise to improve patient care in their practices.
29th October 2010 | Comments: 2
The term 'Big Society' has been used to cover all manner of ideas, but many of us find it hard to define. So what are the implications for health and social care?
28th October 2010 | Comments: 3
The government last week published two new consultations on choice and information, which could have significant implications for how end-of-life care is delivered.
25th October 2010
While initial reactions to the NHS White Paper were positive, there are still a lot of questions unanswered for the doctors who will now need to commission services.
21st October 2010
As the dust settles after the Spending Review, the coalition government's determination to shift power away from central government is becoming clearer.
20th October 2010
While the government plans to leave the development of consortia to be decided locally, many people feel that size matters and that guidelines should be provided.
14th October 2010 | Comments: 2
Today, The King's Fund launches a new Commission on Leadership and Management in the NHS.
13th October 2010 | Comments: 6
In the Spending Review, the coalition government has promised to ringfence the NHS budget and to provide real increases in funding each year for four years.
11th October 2010 | Comments: 3
Understanding how the quality of care can be sustained and improved in general practice has been a core concern of the GP Inquiry commissioned by The King's Fund.
1st October 2010 | Comments: 1
Reflecting on the journey back from Australia to England, Mark Jennings concludes that there are great similarities between these two health systems on opposite sides of the world.