Quality in a cold climate: the opportunities

I explored the realistic opportunities for the NHS to make £15-20 billion in savings by 2014 in my presentation at our annual conference last week. In my opinion, such savings can only be achieved through a new health care paradigm – that care can only be judged to be high quality if it is also delivered efficiently.

Listen to extracts from my presentation speech alongside relevant slides by clicking on the small arrow in the bottom bar of the presentation. If you want to just scroll through the slides, use the arrow on the right hand side of the presentation.

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#113 Ravi Rai

This is simple and practical analysis on what needs to be done. Thanks Mark.

I have found that the main challenge is getting leaders to move from ideas to action. They need to have the confidence to do something different, to take on best practices, to energise the organisation to work in a common direction and to rigorously follow through with the implementation plan = Focus, focus, focus.

#114 Mark Jennings

Building on Ravi’s comments I think the Institute for Health Care Improvement (IHI) based in Boston in the US promote a useful 3 point maxim for successful change: Will, Ideas and Execution. Change will only be successful if leaders have the WILL to change and instil this in their teams: if there are sufficient IDEAS of how problems and challenges can be tackled: and probably most importantly of all,excellent EXECUTION capacity. My experience suggests that no amount of will and ideas can overcome a lack of focused organised change project delivery capacity.

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