12 October 2015

The government's proposal for a new contract that gives groups of GPs the opportunity to work more closely with a range of other services is not a bad idea, says Hugh Alderwick.

12 October 2015

Chris Ham reflects on the findings of our review for the Department of Health, which recommends radical simplification and better alignment of existing frameworks for assessing performance in the NHS.

6 October 2015 | Comments: 8

Healthwatch England’s recent report, Safely home, described in harrowing detail the personal stories of patients who felt that their discharge from hospital was unsupported. It also described patients marooned in acute beds unable to move on. So how can older people's care be improved?

1 October 2015 | Comments: 5

With the first anniversary of the NHS five year forward view approaching rapidly, how are new care models developing, and what are the prospects for the future?

30 September 2015

While integrating care services is part of the journey to a transformed health system, it is not the destination. Efforts to integrate care have rarely encompassed the broader health of local populations and the impact of the wider determinants of health.

29 September 2015 | Comments: 7

Are conflicts of interest affecting the services patients receive? Or is this inherent feature of clinical commissioning being managed appropriately through common-sense decision-making?

24 September 2015 | Comments: 1

What can be done to improve the quality of decision-making on NHS mergers, and can the tide of unsuccessful mergers be stemmed?

22 September 2015 | Comments: 4

Is the ‘purchaser–provider split’ dead? No. Is it dying? Quite possibly, says Nicholas Timmins.

18 September 2015 | Comments: 4
Amid growing concern that most NHS providers are sliding into deficit, arguably we should be even more worried about social care providers, says Richard Humphries.
16 September 2015
The coalition government outlined a framework for a network of local Healthwatch organisations, with the aim of creating a credible, representative and influential public voice in the system. So how have these organisations been developing?
14 September 2015 | Comments: 5
On the back of The King's Fund's submission to the 2015 Spending Review, Chris Ham reflects on the Department of Health budget and NHS funding.
10 September 2015 | Comments: 7
Vijaya Nath visited Intermountain Healthcare to find out how they are able to deliver low-cost, high-quality health care. She found a culture of clinical integration and quality improvement inspired by the work of quality theorist W Edwards Deming.
9 September 2015 | Comments: 1
Misuse occurs in the NHS when health services are poorly delivered. So how big is the problem of preventable harm in health care?
27 August 2015 | Comments: 10
NHS.UK is set to become the place we go, not just for information about health and local services, but to book appointments, manage repeat prescriptions and access health records and care plans. James Higgott agrees this needs to be done but doesn't think it's going to be easy.
24 August 2015 | Comments: 6
Although the ambitions of the care models in the US may resonate with our intentions here, we would be wise to learn from the early experiences of those who went before us, says Rachael Addicott.
20 August 2015 | Comments: 1
Tackling persistent inequalities requires consistent, sustainable action and intervention, which in turn requires stable, committed system leadership with a focus on population health systems.
19 August 2015 | Comments: 3
Underuse happens when effective care isn’t delivered when it’s needed and it can lead to people needing more complex care as their conditions get worse. So, where might the NHS not be delivering enough of the right things?
12 August 2015 | Comments: 20
More health care is not always better health care. Sometimes the NHS delivers services that people don’t want or need: the problem of overuse.
6 August 2015 | Comments: 15
Back in June, with no prior warning, the Treasury announced that the 2015/16 public health grant to local authorities would be reduced by £200 million. Last week, the Department of Health finally released the consultation on these ‘in-year savings’. So why the delay?