Thomas Jeerakathil: effective telestroke treatment in rural Canada

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Thomas Jeerakathil

Dr Thomas Jeerakathil, Neurologist at the University of Alberta, Canada, looks at the challenges in delivering stroke care to rural regions and the experience of Alberta in using telehealth to deliver acute stroke services.

Thomas Jeerakathil: effective telestroke treatment in rural Canada


#41832 Dr. George Mukupa
public health practitioner
Ministry of Health

This is very interesting to follow. i did a few courses in USA regarding telehealth about 10 years now. It has been difficult to practice it in Africa due to limited resources to buy equipment. I feel it is time i started following up this discipline as it eventually reduces institutional costs of treating patients and of course personal cost of patients who have to frequent health facilities in far places from their homes even if their conditions could be discussed via electronic media and solutions found and shared. I wish i could be invited to the 2014 conference so that i can start advocating for positive policy towards telehealth applications in the Zambian health systems.

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