Sustainable health and social care audio-slideshow

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Chris Naylor

Our sustainable health and social care paper considers the environmental impact of the NHS, and looks at the connection between environmental and financial performance. Here, Chris Naylor discusses the key points of this paper and the opportunities to improve sustainability in the NHS.

Sustainable health and social care


#1007 David Pencheon
NHS Sustainable Development Unit

Well done King's Fund - an important step in the journey. It does quite a few important things. a) engages research funders, doers of research, and users of research b) reminds us that Social Care and Health Care are inextricable c) links two important parts of triple Bottom Line Healthcare: (the environmental and financial... Ideas of how to move this onto the next stage are particularly welcome....we are looking for partners for a possible R&D summit in the UK to build on this King's Fund work...

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