Sally Brearley: removing barriers to making informed choices

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Sally Brearley

Sally Brearley discussed the relationship between patients, information and choice at our NHS Information Revolution Conference. Drawing on examples from other industries, she sets out to prove that offering a limited choice and information can result in more patients becoming involved in their own care.


#942 Paul

Isn't there a conflict between the approach set out here and the move to personalisation that is currently being undertaken by some parts of the NHS. How is this going to be resolved?

What some expert (and it seems to be experts given that Sally Brearley talked about using information to guide people to the "correct" choices) thinks is a valid reduction in choice, may be totally unacceptable to a particular group of patients.

As usual with UK health policy it seems that patients' views are irrelevant and that we should sit back and let the experts decide what is good for us.

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