Perspectives on integrated care: South Warwickshire

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Ian Philp

Ian Philp, Medical Director, South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust, talks about the preventative work South Warwickshire are doing in partnership with Age UK and colleagues in primary care. The project involves early identification of, and a personalised response to, the concerns that older people have related to their health, independence and wellbeing.

Perspectives on integrated care: South Warwickshire

The main enablers to joining up care have been working in partnership with the clinical commissioning group, with GP practices who have been willing to trial the personalised assessment and with Age UK who have a rich knowledge about older people’s needs and how these needs can be met.

Ian’s tips for other sites integrating care services include thinking about how joined-up services can help identify problems at an early stage instead of just responding to needs, drawing on the benefits of working with the third sector, and not being afraid of using information technologies.


#41550 Taruna Chauhan
healthcare business consultant
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Interesting and would love to get involved with this project if at all possible.

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