Perspectives on integrated care: Northumbria

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Derek Thompson

Derek Thomson, Medical Director, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, describes the experience of integrating care in Northumberland and North Tyneside.

Perspectives on integrated care: Northumbria

Developing, enhancing and maintaining relationships is regarded by colleagues in Northumbria as critical in delivering change and joined-up care.

Future plans involve developing Northumbria’s integrated care initiatives at pace and scale - to enable more care to be managed at home, reduce hospital bed days and improve the quality of patients’ experience.


#544299 Gill Gillott
Wellbeing Coordinator
Yarlington Building Communities - Social Housing

Measuring the success of integrated care seems to be on how health and Social work breaking down professional barriers to provide a more cohesive service. There still is a gap in services, what about the home environment? Surely it makes sense to involve Social Housing Providers in this intergrated approach. The link between poverty, social deprevation and health has been proven and Social Housing Providers provide homes for our most vulnerable and deprived residents.

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