Ludo Glimmerveen: Integrated care for people with dementia in the Netherlands


Ludo Glimmerveen

Ludo Glimmerveen, Lecturer at the University of Amsterdam, explains how the Dutch organisation Geriant provides an integrated set of care services for people with dementia in the community.

Ludo Glimmerveen: integrated care for people with dementia in the Netherlands

Since 2000, Geriant has offered a community-based service to people diagnosed with dementia, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The teams include case managers, social geriatricians, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, dementia consultants, and specialised home care nurses. Case managers act as the focal point for the client and his or her informal caregivers, co-ordinating services from the team and from other network partners including GPs, hospitals, home care and welfare organisations.

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