Linda Patterson: wrong bed, wrong ward

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Linda Patterson

Linda Patterson, Clinical Vice President at the Royal College of Physicians, looks at the impact of poor transitional care on patient outcomes.

Linda Patterson: wrong bed, wrong ward


#39972 Zabeda Ali-Fogarty
Managing Director
ESP IT Consultancy Ltd

I feel reassured to hear this presentation. I attend some of the local acute trust board meeting so that I can get a feel of the decision makers’ view on their organisation. It appears that the trusts don't have a problem and that they are addressing their problems well internally. Often I hear that “this does not happen in my patch”. The problem Linda has highlighted here indicates that one of the problems I researched in 2006 still exists. During my research one of the missing ingredients was an effective communication system that would be suitable in many areas for example in primary care, acute hospitals, other hospitals etc. Having effective communication will require change to working habits. Within all of these organisations there are people who do not accept change well. We have now developed an electronic communication system that addresses emergency referral and community nurse referral where information can be easily collated and accessible in real-time. Our challenge now is to get this system piloted and accepted.

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