The King's Fund and BMJ debate: regulating for quality

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Anna Dixon, Fiona Godlee, Bruce Keogh, Ali Parsa, David Bennett

The King's Fund and BMJ debate at the Annual Conference 2011, chaired by Fiona Godlee and featuring Bruce Keogh, Anna Dixon, David Bennett and Ali Parsa, examined the limits of competition and the role of Monitor in supporting the delivery of high-quality care.



#959 Paul Johnston
Salford Royal Hospital

I don't believe that increased competition drives up quality unless your are talking about a level playing field. When you have large private companies who are willing to make a loss to get a foot in the door in the NHS market place there is no way that public sector and NHS providers can compete with this on price. It is naive to think that value for money and quality go hand in hand as no-one would expect a bentley for the price of a trabby - both will get you to the same place but dont compare on quality.

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