Jocelyn Cornwell: Can we design empathy into services?

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Jocelyn Cornwell

Jocelyn Cornwell, director of the Point of Care Foundation, asks whether empathy can be designed into health care services at our One year on from Francis event. She considered systems-based and design-based approaches, looking at a case study that demonstrates the importance of placing a focus on the aesthetics of care.

Jocelyn Cornwell: Can we design empathy into services?


#42139 Carolyn Eddleston
Cottage Surgery Woodhouse eaves

Have you had a look at the organisation "hearts in healthcare" set up by an anaesthetist in NZ.?There may be a chance to collaborate.

#419915 Julie Brophy
Manager Health Information Workforce
Department of Health (Victoria)

I am currently undertaking a project to support adoption of the value that 'We pay attention to the experience of patients and their families and loved ones' in our everyday work' so am very interested to ready Jocelyn's work

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