Jeremy Hunt MP: primary care and the role of the GP

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Jeremy Hunt

Speaking at our Leadership Summit, Jeremy Hunt MP revealed his plans for improving primary care.

Jeremy Hunt MP: Primary care and the role of the GP

With a focus on primary and community care, the Secretary of State for Health called for a return to the idea of the family doctor, who would be a 'champion for their patient rather than simply a gateway to “the system”'.

He spoke of the introduction of a Chief Inspector of General Practice, who will work inside the CQC and help to drive up quality in primary care, and called on doctors and nurses to take the lead locally.

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#40486 Nigel Starey
sessional GP

What place a family doctor in a post family society? While I share much of Mr Hunt's analysis and indeed wrote about the issues in "The Challege for Primary care" a few years ago - we should not underestimate the challenge of cultural change or ignore the heterogeneity of the current primary care workforce where responsibility and accountability need redefining.
A few years ago (2008) a"Transforming Primary care" programme in Leicester included annual review visits to all practices - a big capacity challenge to the PCT and practices - but only through this kind of holistic,local and challenging review programme can we build twenty first century General practice

#40487 Martin Marshall
GP and Professor of Healthcare Improvement

This speech was written by someone with a deep understanding of the role that GPs should be fulfilling in the health system. Credit where credit is due, the Secretary of State deserves congratulations for so clearly identifying those aspects of general practice that need to be preserved and strengthened, and those that must change. We need to remove the perverse incentives preventing GPs from focusing on what matters to patients. Mr Hunt has presented the profession and the health service with an opportunity that must be siezed.

#40489 John King
Ethos Partnership

To my mind this captures the very essence of the future challenge of population based healthcare and goes some of the way towards providing some of the indicative answers. Hunt is right that we need to tilt the planning efforts from inputs ("bio medical tick boxes") to healthcare outcomes - at a population as well as individual patient level. Most other large customer facing industries have been through this pain barrier, the timing is surely now right for health (and social) care to do the same. Like to know who the speechwriter was.

#40492 denise phillips
school nurse manager

Excellent video and looking more closely at outcome is key to service redesign and planning. This should include user engagement and liaison from all key relevant professional groups

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