Hiro Tanaka: Putting patient experience at the centre of clinical practice

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Hiro Tanaka

Hiro Tanaka, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Aneurin Bevan Local Health Board, shares three personal stories which illustrate the important ingredients needed to transform patient care and experience.


#41564 sign gibson
royal gwent hospital

I am sian the cleaner and at the moment I am so proud of myself that I can make patients lives better in there hospital experience xx

#41569 Michelle
Staff nurse
Aneurin bevan

Well done sian, we're all proud of you as well. A true credit to c5west. Nothing is ever to much, and you have always made time to speak to patients. You could teach some people a thing or two about communication skills.

#41577 Lorna Boswell
staff nurse
aneurin bevan

what a lovely person you are mr tanaka to acknowledge sian, I am very proud and priviliged to work alongside sian she is a credit to c5west. WELL DONE SIANY!!
Thankyou mr tanaka for such an inspiring speech, and I would certainly trust you to put me back together again!!!! The reason I went into nursing is to be able to make a difference to patient experiences and try and highlight the importance of not just caring for a patients medical needs but also thier emotional and individual needs. I truely hope your stories inspire all health proffesionals.

#41594 Layla Bowie
Newport City Council

Well done MR TANAKA great speech.I totally agree wity every word you said we must try and go above and beyond in our work and Sian my lovely friend always goes above and beyond for everyone around her . Although I am Sian's friend I too have been in the Royal Gwent hospital for very serious reasons and have always recieved great care from Sian and that has mostly been on her break and after work, in her own time.Well done Sian I am very proud and privileged to have you as my friend.

#41641 Jay
support worker

As a friend of sian I would like to say that sian always goes that "extra mile". Domestics sometimes don't get the credit they deserve. Sian takes so much pride in her work and is so dedicated she is the "heart and sole" of the ward. The patients are made to feel at ease by sian and is always there to listen and help them. Sian keep up the good work you are a valued member of staff of such a hard working team on C5 west.

#41819 Rachel

Well done Sian. It was very nice for Mr Tanaka to mention what we all ready know.

A suburb person who always puts the patients first.

Fantastic speech what has inspired me.

#41950 Kathryn McKee
Staff Nurse
Aneurin Bevan Health Board

Fantastic speech. Very inspiring. I am proud to say that I am a friend and colleague of Sian. Mr. Tanaka is completely correct, Sian is a constant inspiration on C5West. Always cheerful, chatty and a breath of fresh air. Everyday I notice Sian talking to patients, staff and relatives, laughing joking and putting every one at ease. Well done Sian on your acknowledgement from the ward.

#42060 Peter and Alis...

As Bartholomew's parents we would like to say thank you very much for the care and attention you have given him and enabled him to live as
a fully and fruitful normal healthy life.

Kind regards and many more successful operations

Peter and Alison

#42200 Victoria Williams
Guest service manager
Holiday inn express

I have been a friend to sian for years,she has always been a very kind caring person.well done sian on your recognition we'll deserved x

#544338 Char
ward clerk
rgh c5w

the ward would not be the same without sian x

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