Giles Wilmore: how will the NHS Information Strategy support the new NHS?

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Giles Wilmore

Giles Wilmore, Director of Quality Framework and QIPP, Department of Health, gives the keynote address at our NHS Information Revolution conference, detailing how the anticipated NHS Information Strategy will support the new NHS.

Giles Wilmore: How will the NHS Information Strategy support the new NHS?


#943 Mary Hawking

So the Information Strategy will be launched after a further report from the Future Forum this winter, and the NHS Commissioning Board will then develop an Implementation Strategy, at the same time as fulfilling all the other immediate requirements of a new organisation in the NHS: establishing its role and what is needed to fulfil that role, establishing the structure of the organisation, making appointments, and finding a place to live.

Is it optomistic to expect that any funding and control issues will be established in time for CCGs - who are also going to be doing the same - to make realistic information plans before 1.4.2013 - Go-Live day?
And for GPs to know how their IT - whence much of the data will be supplied - will be funded, supported, developed - and who will control it?

#961 Beatrice Cooper

I feel this is woefully ambitious
If the current systems did a 10th of what they are supposed to do well then that would be fine and a move to an all singing all dancing patinet accessible record would be reasonable
This will almost certainly be a hugely expensive white elephant leaving many more urgent IT needs unmet, such as adequate clinic appointment systems, data management systems, sharing of information, etc

#42349 Steve foxhall
Pipeline surveyor

I 've had about 5 questionares to shape my local gp service.
Can the nhs afford to be sending out numerous questionaires.
I thought the government were in the process of cutting funds, preparing for privatisation?
Stop wasting public tax money on print and mail costs thats meant for treatment

#545916 Colin Rodden
HR Project Consultant
tmi4 HR Ltd

Very positive step forward to sharing more information safely and efficiently reducing health costs and seeking to increase the patient experience

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