Elisabeth Buggins: implications for board leadership

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Elisabeth Buggins

In the second of our lectures supporting our Review of Leadership in the NHS, Elisabeth Buggins, Chair of Birmingham Women's NHS Foundation Trust, discussed leadership styles and implications for board leadership.

Elisabeth Buggins: NHS Leadership Review lecture series 2012

A review of leadership in the NHS

Find out more about our review of leadership in the NHS and the NHS Leadership and Management Summit in May 2012.


#39808 P Modha

Wasn't Ms Buggins Chair of one of the worst performing SHAs in the country, where many of the disasters occurred, like Mid Staffs? Another state sponsored pen pusher who moves from disaster to disaster. And she works for a private health insurance company. No conflict there.

#39813 ANO

I see Ms Buggins keeps very quiet about her role at the private medical insurance company Simplyhealth, which has objectives and values that are at odds with those of the NHS. Can't anyone in the NHS see the conflict of interest?

#40009 Sam Shah

Mrs Buggins was chair and David Nicholson were chair and CEO of the strategic health authority that oversaw the Mid Staffs disaster. How can both of these people still be allowed to work in the NHS? It is shocking that there have not been prosecutions for what has gone wrong in the West Midlands.

#40015 BM

Why has this lady been given another cushy little job in the NHS, despite the failings of her SHA with disasters like Mid Staffs? This is the problem in the NHS - the consequence of failure is promotion and a life lecturing others on things like leadership and governance.

#40179 Anon

Why have these people who have brought the NHS to its knees allowed to continue in jobs? All of these "experts" ought to resign.

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