Eileen Burns: Leeds interface geriatrician service

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Eileen Burns

Dr Eileen Burns explains more about Leeds interface geriatrician service where geriatricians work across secondary, primary and community settings so that patients can get the care they need wherever they are.

Eileen Burns: Leeds interface geriatrician service

The geriatrics team at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust works with Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust to provide a number of services beyond their core acute work. The service has four main areas: multidisciplinary team-working in the community, a nurse-led primary care telephone service, geriatrician input in A&E and intermediate care.

The service aims to reduce unnecessary admissions and emergency attendances and to ensure care is provided in the most appropriate environment for each patient.

One of the main challenges has been achieving cultural change because people are used to their own ways of working.

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This will be future NHS working practice.

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