Developing women in leadership

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We spoke to a number of delegates and speakers at The King's Fund's Women in Leadership conference in November 2013.

Developing women in leadership

They revealed the best piece of advice for aspiring women leaders, including the importance of believing in yourself and having the courage of your convictions, and maintaining honesty and integrity; what they wish they'd known at the beginning of their career and what keeps them resilient as a leader.

They discussed the difficult topic of quotas for women on boards - are they necessary to bring equality in leadership or do they risk labeling the women who then fill these positions as less than equal to their male counterparts?

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#41500 Julie Ann Racino
President and Principal
Community and Policy Studies

Thanks so much for the presentation on the conference. In the 1970s, "we" (e.g., Cornell Ivy League) wished to be equal to the men, whereas "true feminists" wished to be separate and stronger than the men. In 2013, there is a new return to women as women and the strength of our own gender in the world.

Do see my new book, Public administration and disability: Community services administration in the US (Racino, in press) at
US women increasing in community services administrator roles at the state levels.

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