Co-ordinated care in the Oxleas Advanced Dementia Service

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Oxleas Advanced Dementia Service provides holistic and palliative care at home for people with advanced dementia. Covering Greenwich and Bexley, a core team of old-age psychiatrists, mental health and community staff work with GPs, secondary care and social services to support family and/or carers in providing ongoing and palliative care. We spoke to the team to find out more about their approach to co-ordinated care.

Co-ordinated care in Oxleas Advanced Dementia Service


#40826 Barbara Scott
Dulwich Helpline and Southwark Churches Care

Impressive, my reservation is really about the burden and restrictions that this places on carers who may have been providing care for many years. I also think the potential for savings diminishes as the amount of care rises. Good care at home isn't cheap and the number of supporting visits per day will certainly soon equal the cost of a nursing home bed.

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