Chris Naylor: volunteering in health and care

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Chris Naylor

Chris Naylor, Fellow in Health Policy at The King's Fund, looks at the value of volunteering in health and social care, what it takes to get it right and the impact of the NHS reforms on volunteers.

Chris Naylor: volunteering in health and care

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Complementary therapy coordinator
Royal Free Hospital

We have achieved a great balance in producing 21 thousand treatments a year with the use of voluntary massage therapists but it has become extremely difficult with the financial situation of therapists needing to earn a living.
Why should a therapist that has spent thousands in training and CPD work for nothing a cleaner on the ward would not work for nothing.
We have changed the whole running of a ward by the therapist spending just 15 minutes with a patient which relieves the nurse and conforts the patient that is nervous or scared of their time in hospital

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