2015 GSK IMPACT Awards: Alzheimer's Support

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Based in Wiltshire, Alzheimer's Support helps to improve diagnosis and support for people with dementia.

2015 GSK IMPACT Awards: Alzheimer's Support

The charity's influential report 'Barriers to Diagnosis' helped change dementia care in Wiltshire, where average diagnosis waiting times fell from 13 months to just four weeks. Its memory awareness volunteers and training courses all promote understanding of the condition and the benefits of a timely diagnosis.

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#544445 Victoria Greens...
Fundraising Manager
Portsmouth Hospitals Charity

I am looking at applying for the GSK Impact Awards, but have a question regards the application criteria. Being the charity for a general hospital, we fundraiser to support all wards and departments (this includes over 60 different funds underneath the charity umbrella). It is very hard to support a project that benefits the hospital as a whole due to the vast array of medical and health departments within the hospital.

We do have several community led projects in specific health care areas (Alcohol Awareness, and we are the center of excellent for Renal in the South). Can I apply for one of these areas?

Thank you and I look forward to your response.

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