2013 GSK IMPACT Awards: SIFA Fireside

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SIFA Fireside (SF) has created an impressive number of services to engage with the very hard to reach group of people living within its Birmingham community.

2013 GSK IMPACT Awards: SIFA Fireside

Its ‘Daily Drop-in’ is at the heart of its service, providing homeless people with everything from breakfast and a shower to opticians and chiropody services. They can also see a nurse or talk to a member of the SF mental health team.

SF provides an outreach service at four of Birmingham’s hospitals and its ‘Expert Patient Programme’ uses trained service users to engage with those living in hostels.

SF has been able to demonstrate that for every service user supported, a saving of almost £8,000 is made in benefits, health care and the criminal justice system.

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#41223 Hawa Kabba Bangura
Kitchen Assistace

Working at sifafire-side has enable me to build my self esteem and confidence .

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