Our plans for 2013

Our work in 2013 will be set within the context of our three-year strategic plan. Our priorities are summarised below.  

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Shaping the future system

Time to Think Differently In 2013 we will continue to generate debate about the future and move the programme into a second phase where we will, working with others, generate and develop ideas about what models of care and funding can meet future needs.

Reform and performance We will continue to comment on the NHS reforms and system performance during 2013. Our focus will be on commissioning, the development of regulation and accountability, provider development, social care funding and information, transparency and measurement.

Improving and integrating care for older people and people with long-term conditions

Our focus for 2013 is the implementation of integrated care at scale and pace, developing learning networks and development programmes to support this, and influencing national policy to support it.

Contributing to the theory and practice of leadership in the NHS

During 2013 we will increase our research activity and published work in this area, extending on leadership and management in health; this will include specific work on medical leadership.

We used our 2013 leadership summit and report to examine the challenges for leadership presented by the Francis report and to identify what changes need to take place within the NHS to develop the right culture of care at every level.

Improving the patient's experience and quality of care

The Fund is committed to increasing our impact in improving patient experience. In 2013 much of this work will relate to our existing programmes. These include:

Supporting the NHS to improve productivity and efficiency

Projects in 2013 will include work to look in detail at the implementation of the Quality, Innovation, Productivity, and Prevention (QIPP) programme. We will also carry out further research to support NHS organisations in their efforts to reduce unnecessary variation in cost of care.

Preventing illness and improving health and wellbeing in communities

Building on the success of our work on multiple behaviours and poor health in 2012, we will translate this work into understanding of the impact of multiple behaviours within local communities.

Given the responsibility for public health assumed by local government in April 2013, we will develop practical resources for local authorities on the impact they can have on their local population's health across the range of their services.

Find out more: You can read more about our planned work in these areas in our Trustees' report and financial statement 2012.