Chief Executive's review of 2012

Chris Ham, Chief Executive of The King's Fund, looks back at 2012.

'Looking back, 2012 was a successful and productive year. Among our many achievements, a highlight for me was the progress made on the integrated care programme. Our arguments about the need for better integration of health care services was accepted by the government and we've made good progress in taking forward this initiative at scale and pace.

'Our leadership development team has gone from strength to strength; a memorable project from 2012 was our leadership summit and review, where we made the case for engaging staff, patients and boards and for building relationships across systems of care. We carried out work to strengthen our leadership development work with the launch of revised and new programmes designed to respond to challenges of today's NHS. I'm delighted to see that come to fruition in 2013, with the launch of our new leadership review, Patient-centred leadership.

'The first-rate work of our policy team continued apace during 2012; for me, Nick Timmins’ report on why and how the Health and Social Care Act became law was a fascinating study of the process of legislation and offered valuable lessons for the future.

'Finally, our Time to Think Differently programme enabled us to set the agenda and prompt essential debate about the future funding and delivery of services to meet the challenges ahead. I’m looking forward to the next stage of this programme in 2013, where we will crystallise ideas of what needs to change and how.

'You can read more about our work in 2012 in our online timeline. Looking to 2013, I want to consolidate the important and privileged position the Fund is in; we can hold up a mirror to those in government, backed up by rigorous research and analysis, which highlights success and draws attention to weaknesses. At this time of flux and challenge, our independence and insight are needed now more than ever.'