Our independence

Our independence is important to us. We recognise that to make the impact we seek in health and social care there must be confidence in the objectivity of our research and analysis and the freedom to determine our own priorities.

We protect this independence in a number of ways.

Our funding

As a charitable foundation, around a third of our income is generated by our endowment – funds maintained and invested since our creation in 1897. This income, though not adequate to fund all of our activities, guarantees a consistent and completely unrestricted stream of funding.

Detail of where our remaining income comes from can be found here. The sources of this funding are very diverse. No single organisation contributes a sufficient proportion of income to create a reliance or risk to the organisation were it to be withdrawn. This provides further reassurance that our objectivity can be maintained.

How we set policy

Our reputation and influence depend in part on the quality and independence of our published work, and we have arrangements in place to ensure this. This information details the roles of our board of trustees and executive team and the nature of internal and external review at the Fund.

Our partnerships

We maintain partnerships with a range of organisations through our corporate partners and supporters scheme. In order to ensure that these relationships (which provide less than 3% of our income) do not have any impact on our independence, we have a robust ethical collaboration policy.