Consultancy and advisory services

The King’s Fund works with organisations across health and social care on policy, strategy and advisory projects.

Our expertise

We draw on our work as a leading public policy think tank, our research on service improvement, and our practical experience of supporting leadership and culture change, to provide expert advice and consultancy. In particular:

  • we have a rich understanding of the health and social care landscape, from government policy to the challenges facing frontline services
  • our experts span health and care policy; leadership and culture; and service delivery. They include academics, economists, strategists and practitioners 
  • we draw on the input of our experienced in-house team of information specialists, and our extensive collection of health policy and management resources, including our own database
  • we have good relationships across health and social care, including government, regulators, commissioners, providers, representative bodies and service users
  • our reputation for objectivity, impartiality and fairness makes us ideally placed to bring together stakeholders and build consensus on shared challenges.

Our clients and projects

In recent years, we have carried out a broad range of consultancy projects, including: 

  • advising central government on health policy, the regulatory framework, how to support health care providers and how to support the NHS workforce
  • advising national regulatory bodies on options for carrying out their duties and how to support the development of the sector 
  • supporting professional bodies in developing policy and practice
  • helping commissioners and health care providers to develop plans and address strategic challenges, including integrating care and developing new models of care 
  • bringing together groups of organisations from local health systems and helping them to develop and implement shared plans
  • supporting charities, private sector organisations and NHS bodies to navigate the changing health and social care environment. 

Our principles

We enjoy working with a range of public, private and voluntary organisations. The work allows us to maintain close links with the sector and to put our research into practice while raising additional revenue to support our charitable activities and fund further research. 

However, we can work only with a small number of organisations each year, focusing on projects that best match our skills and can make the greatest difference in health and social care.

Our independence, and our reputation for objectivity and fairness, is important to us. We give independent and impartial advice, without fear or favour, to all the organisations we work with. We maintain a range of sources of income, alongside our charitable endowment, ensuring that we do not depend on any individual organisation for ongoing funding. (See our independence for more information.) 

Contact the team

For an informal discussion on how we could support your organisation please contact, Ben Collins, Project Director, on 020 7307 2612 or