Our most popular content of 2015

The end of another productive year is an opportunity to look back at our most widely read content from 2015. These top-five lists highlight some of the biggest issues of the year: the election and the Spending Review; the NHS five year forward view; system leadership; devolution; public health; mental health and social care.

Top five publications (most viewed/downloaded)

The future is now

In this digital report, The King's Fund embarks on a journey across England and overseas into future ways of changing health and health care for the better. Read the report

How is the NHS performing? January 2015

Our survey of finance directors in our Quarterly Monitoring Report showed a deepening pessimism about the current financial state of health organisations and worries about the coming financial year. View the QMR

The NHS under the coalition government

This report covers six major themes of the coalition government’s reform programme. For each theme, it describes the situation the coalition government inherited when it came to power in 2010, the policies it has pursued, and (where available) evidence of their impact. Read the report

Implementing the NHS Five Year Forward View

This paper called for fundamental changes to how health services are commissioned, paid for and regulated to deliver the vision of the NHS five year forward view. Read the paper

The practice of system leadership

This report draws on the experiences of 10 senior leaders to look in depth at the skills needed to be a system leader. Read the report 

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Top five blogs (most read)

Three challenges and a big uncertainty for the NHS in 2015

Chris Ham examines the three major challenges facing the NHS at the start of 2015. Read the blog

What Devo Manc could mean for health, social care and wellbeing in Greater Manchester

Chris Ham considers the implications of plans to devolve responsibility for health and social care to statutory organisations in Greater Manchester. Read the blog

Cuts to public health spending: the falsest of false economies

In June, the Treasury announced that the 2015/16 public health grant to local authorities would be reduced by £200 million. David Buck discusses the Department of Health's consultation on these cuts. Read the blog

NHS spending: squeezed as never before

In his data blog, John Appleby looks at the scale of the NHS funding squeeze. Read the blog

Is the NHS delivering too much of the wrong things?

In the first part of a series of three blogs, Hugh Alderwick considers the problem of overuse: when health care is delivered even though the potential for harm outweighs the benefits. Read the blog

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Top five infographics (most viewed)

General election: What are the parties promising on health and social care?

Our animated guide to the manifestos formed part of our analysis and commentary on key issues in health and social care from the 2015 general election campaign. View the guide

The NHS in a nutshell

How many NHS staff are there? What does the NHS budget look like? In the run-up to the 2015 general election we are helped make sense of health and social care with a series of key facts and figures. View the guide

Better value in the NHS – report summary

Our report called on doctors, nurses and other staff to engage in a new mission to deliver better outcomes at lower costs. This page is a summary of the full report. Read the summary

Public satisfaction with the NHS in 2014

We examined the results and satisfaction trends relating to the NHS and health care issues from the British Social Attitudes survey 2014. Read our findings

How is the NHS performing? January 2015

Our digital quarterly monitoring report features interactive charts on selected NHS performance data. View the QMR

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Top five multimedia (most watched)

An alternative guide to mental health care in England

Our animation follows three people to explore how mental health services work and how they fit in with other health and public services. Watch the animation

Jeremy Hunt sets out his 25-year vision for the NHS

Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health, sets out his vision for the NHS. Watch his speech

Clifford Mann: actions to address the significant challenges facing emergency medicine

Clifford Mann, President of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, looks at the challenges facing emergency medicine, including demand, capacity and output. Watch his presentation

Simon Stevens on the NHS five year forward view

Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England, gives an overview of the NHS five year forward view and what it is trying to achieve. Watch his talk

Jeremy Hunt: my priorities as the new Health Secretary

Jeremy Hunt gave his first speech as the newly reinstated Health Secretary at The King's Fund's fifth annual leadership and management summit on 20 May 2015. Watch his speech

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